The Art of the Good Cigar

A Matter of Taste

Women and Cigars: A Matter of Taste

Posted by herfergrrl on June 17, 2009

A Matter of Taste

Why do women like to smoke cigars? You guessed it – pretty much for the same reasons men do. Cigars taste good, and like fine wines, well aged spirits and gourmet food, they are a connoisseur’s experience to be contemplated and savored. The ritual of lighting a cigar and savoring the complex tastes of a well aged and properly treated smoke can be a wonderful focus for relaxation and meditative reflection on the pleasures of the here-and-now rather than on the demands of a busy schedule.

Paired with deliciously fragrant cognac, the rich, roasted aromas of coffee or even a strong, savory red wine, a good cigar offers a wealth of flavor nuances to the discerning palate. Some of the things I have tasted in a mouthful of smoke from a good cigar are:

  • Coffee and cream (Dominican Montecristo #2 torpedo)
  • Bittersweet chocolate (Don Suerte 1984)
  • Milk chocolate (Habana Gold, white label)
  • Roasted chile and cocoa (Licenciados 400 robusto, maduro)
  • Roasted nuts (El Rico Habano Grand Corona)
  • Toasted pecans (Cuban Flor de Rafael Gonzales Panatelas Extras)
  • Aged Spanish leather (Cuban Vegas Robaina)
  • Cinnamon and spice (Cuban Punch Corona)
  • Burnt espresso and dark stout (a Cuban Montecristo #2, whew!)
  • Green tea and grass (Vintage Royal Butera)

Delicious in and of themselves, cigars can also enhance the taste of food, wine or spirits when properly paired. But beware – a bad match, or a bad cigar, can abuse your sensitive palate or leave it numbed or overwhelmed. Smoke a lighter, sweeter or creamier cigar before dinner, and save the hearty, burnt coffee and sweaty leather tasting smokes for after dessert. You’ll find that there are some cigars that enhance your tasting experience, and others that detract from it. A lot depends on your personal palate, as well as factors such as the age and strength of the cigar.

In other cultures around the world, the custom of smoking may be percieved as gender neutral, masculine or feminine, more or less arbitrarily. Restricting the privilege of enjoying a smoke to men is a relatively recent historical trend, and one which seems to be fading in popularity as more women – and men – realize that the pleasures of tobacco belong rightfully to both sexes.


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