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Bucanero Don Douglas – smooth and delicious

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

The more Bucaneros I taste, the better I like them. Their absolute cheapest bundled cigars aren’t half bad, and are a well constructed solid smoke, though they can be a bit one-dimensional for my taste. Among their pricier ($3.75-$3.99) sticks are some truly outstanding selections, a few of which I would consider a far better, deeper, richer and more complex smoke than much more expensive cigars.

The latest one to make that list for me was the Don Douglas. This is a deep, rich, bold but well balanced-cigar, with that kind of flavor that Fidel Castro would probably approve of. I think that Cuban smokers would enjoy this brand a lot, with its silky-smooth yet powerful notes of coffee and cream, buttered caramel toffee, and a long savory finish with meaty, spicy and herbal notes. I certainly did.

Along with the Bucanero Z, the El Capitan and the Full Sail, the Don Douglas is an impressive value for under $4. If you can find one, grab it quick and you won’t be sorry. Two thumbs up from the herfer girl.


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