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Cigars in review: EO 601 Connecticut (Black) Toro Rabito

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

This yummy and elegantly constructed stick came to me courtesy of the Emjaysmash the “Hebrew Hammer”, who deserves thanks and praise for his well chosen selection.

The appearance and initial aroma of this stick was quite appealing. This is some very pretty leaf on the wrapper, though I am not normally a big fan of Connecticut. The draw was good and smooth despite a slightly scary number of small stems being clearly visible on the clip. The opening notes were savory, light and mild, with a pleasant herbal bitterness starting to develop after a few puffs. There was enough intensity of flavor here to characterize this smoke as medium bodied, but still on the lighter and smoother side.

This smoke stayed remarkably consistent throughout most of its life, with just a bit more development in the meaty and savory but faintly bitter herbal notes. Towards the end, those were the flavors that really dominated, but never became overwhelming.

This cigar would be a fine pairing with herb-grilled chicken, fire-roasted mango and basil salsa, and a good light to medium bodied beer or a buttery and well rounded Chardonnay.  Recommended.


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