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Cigars in review: Gurkha Crest

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

Gurkha hatin’ on the Internet seems to have become legendary.  And given this company’s interesting marketing tactics, I think I can see why.  Now I’ve only smoked one of this label so far, but I’d have to say that it’s actually a pretty decent stick.  I definitely would not pay $14,995.00 for a box of them, but then I wouldn’t pay that for any cigar.  There’s something of a hidden “Easter Egg” on that page if you look very carefully.  Mouse over the reviews on the left side and check out the name of the first reviewer, the only one who actually had anything positive to say about this $750.00 stick.   Makes you seriously wonder what’s up here.

The Gurkha Crest is a rich, meaty, well rounded cigar, with an interesting edge of spice to it. There is a deep earthiness to this smoke, which may be why one reviewer from Cigar Asylum described it as tasting like dirt. There is definitely some dirt here, but it’s pretty tasty dirt, with hints of peat and black truffle mushroom. The construction was good and tight, with a nice firm ash, and it yielded a pleasant, mellow and complex smoke all the way down.

I would not pay a huge unreasonable amount for this stick, but this really ain’t a bad ceegar at all if you can get it for a reasonable price.  One thumb up from the herfer girl.


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