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Cigars in review: Opus X Robusto

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

I was passing by the JR’s in Selma on my way back from a lake house herf in South Carolina, and I noticed there were a lot of Opus for sale. Now this is not my stick, and I’ve never been very impressed by any that I’ve smoked in the past. But I know a lot of my “brothers of the leaf” like them and consider them hard to find, so I grabbed a few handfuls on their behalf. I haven’t smoked one since the 1990’s, so I thought I’d give the robusto a try.

Meh. The predominant flavor was of Pepsi. It was bland and faintly sweet, subtly floral, with a bit of sweet spice (cinnamon and nutmeg) that developed about midway through. There was just a slight trace of nuttiness and woodsiness. The flavors were well-balanced, but there just wasn’t much there. Abundant white smoke, and about the best thing I can say for it was that it had a very decent long finish and a pleasant aftertaste. I handed it over to my boyfriend and he said about the same thing. If I really want to taste a can of Pepsi I’ll drink one, and it won’t cost twelve bucks.

Not really very impressed with this stick. We both liked the $2 bundled maduro we lit up at the same time better than either of us liked the Opus.  It isn’t an actively terrible or unpleasant cigar; it is well constructed with mild woodsiness and subtle floral undertones.  But to my palate, there are many, many better smokes out there for less than half the price, even if you are paying MSRP for these sticks.  Which in a lot of cases you won’t be, because its limited production and all the hype has driven demand past supply.  It’s not worth it.  I was more than happy to let my BOTL’s have my share.

Not all Fuente cigars are this bland by any means.  The Anejo shark combines some of the best qualities of the Opus (elegant balance, woodsiness and floral notes) with a more satisfying body and depth of flavor.  The Don Carlos is elegant and creamy with abundant rich smoke.  The Fuentes do know how to make a good cigar, and they also know how to market one, so caveat emptor as the rarer sticks may not happen to match your personal flavor profile despite their higher price tag.


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