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Good Eats: Guinness gingerbread cake

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

The boyfriend and I went to see some Irish music at Tir Na Nog, and were sufficiently inspired by the menu to order not just their fresh cooked kettle chips but some dessert as well. Their Guinness gingerbread was amazing, so Rob suggested we experiment at home with recipes.  We’re normally low carbers, but occasional indulgences are definitely on the menu when they’re worth busting the diet for.

We aren’t by any means vegan or vegetarian, but we have been experimenting with a vegan chocolate raw food cake recipe that is basically walnuts, dates and cocoa powder whirled together in a food processor.  It’s quite a delicious recipe; do try it sometime.  We also experimented with a carrot cake variation involving well squeezed and drained shredded carrots and zucchini  substituted for cocoa powder, spread with a thick cream cheese frosting beaten with lemon juice and Splenda.  No longer vegan, but delicious and quite healthy when you use lower-fat or fat-free cream cheese.  Adding some unflavored whey protein to this mix absorbed some of the extra moisture I hadn’t quite been able to squeeze out of the shredded veggies, and boosted its nutritional value still higher.

It occurred to me that this healthy raw-food carrot cake would make a pretty decent base for gingerbread.  So I took a few bottles of Guinness down to a thick syrup, ground a lot of fresh ginger and added that to the modified carrot cake recipe along with plenty of cloves, cinnamon and cardamon.  It took some tweaking for texture, spicing and quantities, and a lot more whey protein to absorb the extra liquid, but it was definitely a success.  It turned out to be a very tasty version of Tir Na Nog’s Guinness gingerbread, with healthier ingredients and fewer carbs.  And there was a glass of leftover Guinness to pair with a good cigar after the rich dessert.   Life just doesn’t get much better than this.


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