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Romance on the Range: Bucanero Texas Star

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

I met a handsome cowboy out ridin’ the range today. He was tall and slim and well built with an attractive dark maduro tan. He smelled like new Spanish leather, and as he got fired up, he seductively offered me a taste of smooth, cool chocolate. The years had been kind to this mature gentleman, and he carried himself with grace and elegance.

Our encounter got even better just a few minutes in, when he revealed a little cask of whiskey, well aged in fragrant wood. It was a delicious pairing with the chocolate. About halfway through our romantic tryst, he surprised me with some luscious, juicy wild blackberries and currants. A man this considerate definitely deserves another date, so I’m sure that I’ll be seeing more of him soon.

The Texas Star maduro from Bucanero Cigars is an excellent smoke with an attractive mottled wrapper. The draw was cool and firm, with a perfect long ash. The initial flavors were of dark and milk chocolate, with faintly woodsy/earthy notes and a hint of Spanish leather. Less than an inch in, a tasty “aged whiskey cask” note came up front to match the chocolate. This particular flavor note seems to be something of a signature in the Bucanero line, and it is pleasantly reminiscent of much older cigars. About halfway through the smoke, a subtle but delicious undertone of dark wild berries crept in. This stick smoked rich and cool and tasty all the way down. Definitely an enjoyable experience.

Thanks go out to Tom (Garbandz) for this yummy smoke (and many of its Bucanero cousins)!

Nutritional information:
Bucanero Texas Star Maduro: Medium Bodied est.: 2000
Size: Single Boxed Pressed 6 X 50 Toro Blend:
Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro
Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan Aged 3 years

Manufacturer’s website:


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