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Turkish Coffee: Cheating with the Aeropress

Posted by herfergrrl on July 6, 2009

Know what you get when you put ground cardamon in an Aeropress? Basically you get really good Turkish coffee aka “soorj” without having to boil it on the stove, and without the gritty grounds. Purists may object, but I like it. I suggest using about 2 tsp of very finely ground cardamon on top of the finely ground coffee, to make a solid triple shot in the press. Putting the cardamon in the bottom can make for a more sluggish press as the stuff swells and sticks a bit, apparently.

If you haven’t yet tried this nifty little coffee-making device, it’s worth a shot.  The Aeropress claims to be able to make espresso, and for most palates, that will be more or less true especially if you are using the output in a latte.  There are some subtle but significant taste differences between Aeropress output and a true espresso shot, so let’s call this “espresso strength coffee”.

Or tea, for that matter.  Rooibos tea aka “red espresso” does very well in this device, as do other teas that you want brewed at high-test strength for a “tea latte” or other intense drink.  This nifty gadget comes highly recommended.


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