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Cigars in review: Bucanero Cañon

Posted by herfergrrl on July 7, 2009

The maduro version of this pleasingly plump and tasty little cigar is a cocoa-dusted treat, with notes of rich chocolate, pepper and tar.  As the flavor develops, the cocoa and spice notes predominate, along with hints of woodsiness and nuttiness.  The finish is pleasant and savory, with just a bit of sweetness.  Well balanced and subtle, with excellent flavors.

In the natural wrapper, this cigar turns into a bright, clean smoke with very appetizing savory notes, with the delicious aromas of toasted hazelnuts and fragrant woodsiness.  The finish is long, complex and tasty, with plenty of depth and richness despite the relatively mild to medium bodied character of this smoke.  There is a whole lot of taste going on in the Bucanero Cañon for under $5, making it an excellent value in the current economy.

Manufacturer’s Website:

Nutritional information:  6 X 60, Connecticut shade or Maduro wrapper, Dominican filler


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