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Cigars in review: Bucanero Salsa

Posted by herfergrrl on July 7, 2009

The Bucanero Salsa is well named – it is a huge, bold, peppery and spicy cigar with a kick like Cajun hot sauce.   Smoother earthy and chocolaty notes that develop midbody save it from being too one-dimensional,  leaving a distinct molé sauce finish that lingers pleasantly.  Priced at a reasonable $5, this cigar delivers some decent value, and will become a favorite of people who really appreciate some “kick to their stick”.

Suggested food and drink pairings:  Anything strong or spicy; this cigar will definitely be a standup partner.  If budget isn’t an issue, here’s my recommendation for the perfect menu pairing.

Try matching this cigar with a meal of crisp blue corn tacos stuffed with slow cooked beef brisket, cilantro, oven roasted tomatillos and a devilishly spicy corn and black bean salsa.  Serve with a scoop of cold sour cream and ancho chile hot sauce drizzled on top, and chile-dusted sweet potato fries on the side.    Negra Modelo beer or Cuban mojitos would pair very nicely with these flavors, giving the “Salsa” cigar a chance to live up to its name as the “third sauce” for a delicious meal.   ¡Buen apetito!

Manufacturer’s website:

Nutritional information:
Belicoso, 6 X 54
Habanos Criollo wrapper, Dominican/Nicaragua fillers


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