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Cigar products in review: Smokeless ashtray from

Posted by herfergrrl on July 11, 2009

The smokeless “cigar” ashtray from doesn’t actually accommodate cigars.  On the picture it looks like this ashtray is a comfortable size to hold your stogie while sucking down the loose smoke, but it lies.  You can’t see how short the space actually is inside the lid until you hand them your credit card and have the item shipped to you.  In the past I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve bought there – their humidors are good product for a fair price – but this is just plain deceptive advertising. This product sucks all right, and I don’t mean just smoke.

An attempt to place a cigar (a tasty Indian Tabac Candela toro, courtesy of CasaDooley) in the ashtray results in disaster. The holes where you are supposed to be putting your cigar don’t actually go anywhere. They are nowhere near deep enough to accommodate more than an inch of cigar inside them, making the balance annoyingly difficult.  Only one of the four rests can hold anything wider than a cigarette, and none of them can handle anything longer than a cigarette.

WTF, guys.  If I buy a cigar ashtray from a cigar site that is advertised to be for cigars, I expect it to actually, you know, be able to hold a cigar.  Is that an unreasonable expectation?  Apparently.

It does suck in the smoke while the cigar is precariously jammed inside, but there is also nowhere for the cigar ash to go, so it piles up precariously in a tiny space and starts edging out pretty quickly.  Taking the lid off the ashtray doesn’t actually help much either; the cigar is still jammed up against a central plastic unit that knocks off the ash and makes it tough to balance on the too-small rest.

The ash that is knocked off flakes all over the place as soon as you pull the cigar back out, making a huge mess.  Basically you will have a “shedding cigar” leaving ash trails everywhere, because putting it in the ashtray damages it.  And even if you don’t mind a huge mess on your carpet, that kind of damage doesn’t do good things for the quality or temperature of your smoke.  A good solid ash makes for a cooler, more pleasant smoking experience.  You won’t get one if you’re using this ashtray.

Not happy. Not happy at all.  I do not know what they were thinking when they decided that this product was made for cigars. It’s definitely not.  It may work for cigarettes, but for cigars it’s a sadly disappointing waste of time and money.  I really don’t see this thing being of any use in a cigar smoking household, but fortunately I’ve been told that they will accept a return on the product.   The folks at normally have good products and good judgment, but they made a bad call carrying this one.    Two thumbs down on this ashtray.


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